Charlene Schurch Rocks!

May 18th, 2008

I had the opportunity to take the most amazing sock class with Charlene Schurch this weekend. If you can, sign up now! Charlene is a wonderful teacher – so knowledgeable, patient and funny to boot! The sock samples she brought from her 2 books were so inspiring. Good thing Summer of Socks 2008 starts soon – if I knit all the socks I want to knit, well I’ll be knitting socks for many, many years to come!




I learned so many new techniques –


From left: the cuban (aka sexy) heel, short row heels, 2 color heels, and a toe-up sock.


I’ve never really liked toe-up socks, partly because of the fiddly cast on and partly because I don’t really like short row heels. She taught us Judy Becker’s provisional cast on – an amazing cast on. I will be using this cast on for all my provisional cast ons from now on. She also taught us reverse heel flaps, and how a short row heel is actually a good thing. Of course I was inspired to cast on for a toe-up sock:




Just the beginning, not sure what pattern I’m going to choose – there are so many to choose from in Charlene’s 2 books. Whatever I choose, it’s going to be awesome, that I do know. The yarn is madelinetosh hand-dyed sock in the color rhubarb, on size 1 lace addi’s. Can’t wait to see what this yarn wants to become.


I also got to take a peek in Charlene’s newest book – the little box of socks. Beautiful patterns on cards that you can easily slip into your knitting bag. Run to your LYS and get yourself a copy!




What a great way to spend the weekend – socks and Charlene Schurch. Just what I needed to inspire and excite me about sock knitting again!


Knitting Central Sock Club Socks!

October 20th, 2007

Last month I mentioned the Knitting Central Sock Club. It has begun, so I can share my design. The pattern is exclusive to Knitting Central for 3 months, so I’ll have it available in January for purchase. Introducing: Cables, Cables Everywhere!


I was so excited when Cynthia brought up the idea of a sock club with the staff designing the socks with their favorite hand-dyed sock yarns. Koigu is my absolute favorite sock yarn – soft and squishy, with great stitch definition, and gorgeous colors. Thinking fall was right around the corner, I wanted a sock with warmth and style. Cables always remind me of pulling on a favorite sweater and raking and jumping in piles of leaves in the fall; growing up in Connecticut gave me plenty of opportunities for that. I also wanted a ribbed style that would hug the foot in comfort and warmth. Koigu is dyed in many beautiful colorways, each skein a work of art in itself. I wanted cables, but not so many as to get lost in the colors. I chose an alternating pattern with only a few cable twists set between ribs.

When knitting the sock, the cables don’t look like much. But once on the foot, the cables bloom and enhance the color changes. I have found my perfect sock for fall!


The sample was knit in Koigu color P105. I did start another pair in Koigu color P612:


These are the perfect colors for a pair of fall socks – not that you can tell it’s fall here – we had thunderstorms and highs in the 70’s yesterday. The leaves should reach peak in a few weeks, and we’re still wearing short sleeves – ok, say it with me – global warming.

Check out Knitting Central’s blog for photos of the club member’s socks in progress –

Christmas Knitting has commenced, more on that next time.

Happy Sock Knitting!

Lace and Cables and Koigu, oh my!

July 21st, 2007

Well Sock Pal, I did it again. I changed my mind. I really wasn’t enjoying the Tofutsies. It’s not that your sock wasn’t coming out nice, but it was just ok. So I decided to take advantage of the 40+ new colors of Koigu that Knitting Central got in over the last few weeks. I chose a new color for you, and began your sock once again. The Koigu kept whispering something about cables and lace. What was I to do? Design a new pattern of course! Here it is in all it’s glory:


Koigu is my favorite yarn for socks, and I just want to spread the joy! I’ve just finished the leg, so on to the heel and foot. I’m hoping to finish the first sock this weekend. If I don’t keep getting sidetracked by lace:


This is the Large Rectangle with leaf and trellis from Victorian Lace Today. The end is in site as I’m on the 23rd of 30 repeats for the center of the shawl.


Look at that fabulous silky sheen! I’ve fallen in love with Claudia Hand Painted Silk Lace. I just enjoy knitting it more and more as I go along. Can’t wait to finish the center and begin the border!

I did also manage to finish the first of Child’s First Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks.


Claudia Hand Painted Fingering is my second favorite yarn for socks. I really should begin the second sock to ward off SSS (second sock syndrome)! This one sock is getting kinda lonely…

Ever notice there’s not enough knitting time? Here’s to wishing you all the knitting time you want!

Socks, socks, and more socks!

June 21st, 2007

Yes, it’s been awhile, but I’ve been going a little sock crazy. Just look:


These socks, basking in the morning sun, are from a sock class at Knitting Central. I didn’t take the class, but the teacher (and sock queen), Sally, kindly gave me a copy of the pattern. The lace is beautiful, stunning, and oh so easy. More closeups when I’m finished!


The second pair of socks in progress are fun socks! I bought the yarn from a charming little shop in Naugatuck, Yarn Knit All. This shop is friendly and welcoming. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend a stop! This pattern is my own – a mock cable pattern, and a variation of an afterthought heel found here. The heel is similar to a star toe, and fits perfectly. Now I just have to start the second sock.


The third pair of socks on the needles are a Father’s Day gift (Again, sorry Dad, but they’ll be done soon, and they’re wool, so you won’t wear them until the fall! Love you!) This wool is amazing – Rio de la Plata 3-ply. Again a mock cable rib – easy but enough interest so as not to bore me. Not sure yet how the heel and toe will turn out. I’ll figure it out when I get there.


And finally, a FO! Breeze from the new Knitty. Knit in Panda Cotton. This yarn is so soft and squishy, and so gentle on the foot! And the pattern is pretty amazing too. Such a quick knit for such a stylish sock! They took no time at all. Perfect for summer. And just look at the closeup of the pattern:


I’m definitely going to make these again!

I’m also putting the finishing touches on a new sock pattern that will be available to purchase and download here. Just a sneak peak:


Happy Summer!

Lots of knitting, and ripping and starting. Oh my.

May 27th, 2007

Well, it’s been a busy couple of weeks here at Danni Knits. Let’s start off with the easy stuff, shall we? I knit a quick and easy sample for Knitting Central this week from Runway Knits – the Russian-style scarf – knit with Karabella Super Cashmere and real fur. What a yummy knit! The Super Cashmere is amazing to work with – it just glides over the needles, and the next thing you know, you have this:


This scarf is the perfect size to warm your neck. It feels like you’re wrapped in a cloud.

Next up:


When I saw the Josephine top in the summer IK, I knew I had the perfect yarn for it in my stash, so I dug in and began:


I got the back done, and really didn’t like it – the yarn I used, Berroco Cotton Twist, was a little too heavy for the pattern, and I knew I would never wear it. You’d think I’d notice this about half way through, but no, I did not. I knit the whole damn back. So to the frog pond I went. What to do with the yarn? I had taken it out of the stash, and it really didn’t want to go back, so I found (again) the perfect pattern:


The lace tank from the latest Vouge Knitting. Several customers at Knitting Central have been knitting this up. Vouge is working on getting charts done for the double daisy/spiderweb pattern as the directions are quite confusing when you begin decreasing for the armhole shaping. They should have it posted on their website soon.

My progress so far:


This yarn really wants to be this lank tank, and I’m having fun with the lace patterns. A win-win situation.

Next up socks, but that’s for another post. Happy Memorial Day! Be safe this holiday weekend!