Lace and Cables and Koigu, oh my!

July 21st, 2007

Well Sock Pal, I did it again. I changed my mind. I really wasn’t enjoying the Tofutsies. It’s not that your sock wasn’t coming out nice, but it was just ok. So I decided to take advantage of the 40+ new colors of Koigu that Knitting Central got in over the last few weeks. I chose a new color for you, and began your sock once again. The Koigu kept whispering something about cables and lace. What was I to do? Design a new pattern of course! Here it is in all it’s glory:


Koigu is my favorite yarn for socks, and I just want to spread the joy! I’ve just finished the leg, so on to the heel and foot. I’m hoping to finish the first sock this weekend. If I don’t keep getting sidetracked by lace:


This is the Large Rectangle with leaf and trellis from Victorian Lace Today. The end is in site as I’m on the 23rd of 30 repeats for the center of the shawl.


Look at that fabulous silky sheen! I’ve fallen in love with Claudia Hand Painted Silk Lace. I just enjoy knitting it more and more as I go along. Can’t wait to finish the center and begin the border!

I did also manage to finish the first of Child’s First Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks.


Claudia Hand Painted Fingering is my second favorite yarn for socks. I really should begin the second sock to ward off SSS (second sock syndrome)! This one sock is getting kinda lonely…

Ever notice there’s not enough knitting time? Here’s to wishing you all the knitting time you want!

Birthday Knitting

July 6th, 2007

Thank you all for the kind birthday wishes! I had a great few days – took off work, turned off the computer, and enjoyed the beautiful summer weather. And I knit, of course!

This gorgeous yarn – Claudia Hand Painted Silk Lace, Urbanfever colorway:


wants to become the Large Rectangle Shawl with Leaf and Trellis Pattern from Victorian Lace Today. I completed 8 repeats of the pattern so far – it’s moving right along. This yarn is so amazingly soft and sumptuous, and so easy to knit. The lace addi’s help too!


Next up on the new projects list is a sock – go figure! I’ve wanted to knit the Child’s First Sock pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks for quite a while, and this yarn was screaming at me to knit it up:


The yarn is Claudia Hand Painted Yarns Fingering Weight in the Peony colorway. I love it. Soft and squishy with just the right coloring. The pattern is easy to work once you get through the first repeat – you can tell where the pattern is going, and there is no need to refer to the pattern. Same with the Large Rectangle Shawl. I love it when it’s easy, but doesn’t bore me.

I also finished this little crochet bag for my twin for our birthday:


It’s the Slouchy Purse from the latest Interweave Crochet designed by the Crochet Dude. It crocheted up so quickly and easily. I’m definitely going to be doing this pattern again. The yarn is a mystery – pulled out of my stash with no label. I know – bad knitter crocheter!

Now, it’s back to reality. Have a great weekend!

They say it’s your birthday…

July 3rd, 2007

It’s my birthday too yeah!

This is the song I get woken up to every July 3rd – by my twin! Yes, I have a twin. No we are not identical. I’m older by 10 minutes, which I never let her forget until I heard “ha, ha, you’re 30 and I’m not!” for 10 straight minutes. No she doesn’t knit.

The picture below was taken about 35-36 years ago. Yikes, did I really say that? I’m on the right. Yes, we were dressed alike (why Mom, why?). That stopped a few years later, when we were dressed in the same thing in different colors (why Mom, why?).


Happy Birthday Donna! (and to me too!)

Snuggles for one and all!

July 2nd, 2007

A while ago, I stumbled upon the Snuggles Project, a program of Hugs for Homeless Animals. The Snuggles Project was founded by Rae French in 1996 because of her heartfelt need to do something for the innocent victims who find themselves in animal shelters without a bit of comfort to call their own. Picturing them in their hard cold cells made her heart ache to do something to help. So she got the idea of security blankets for shelter animals. The security blankets are called “Snuggles.”

An idea began to take shape. I have a big stash. I could make lots and lots of “snuggles” for the Snuggles Project. This is what I have so far:


Two done and one in the works. The bright orange and pink one is from my little sister. I had three blankets complete, but one went to my other sister’s new puppy to give her comfort and help her adjust to her new home.

After the first “dishcloth” blanket, I got bored, so I decided to design some blankets in memory of a few much loved and missed pets.

The first – Oliver’s Blanket, in memory of my crazy, wild and lovable cat, Oliver.


The second is Snoop’s Snuggle, in memory of my sister’s dog Lehigh, aka Snoop, the sweetest of all sweet dogs in this world. (In this photo, Sally is seen modeling the blanket. Sally is the blind puppy my sister adopted from Help Orphan Puppies.)


I was going to put these patterns on my free patterns page, but I’ve decided to offer them for sale, with proceeds going to Help Orphan Puppies, a rescue organization dedicated entirely to puppies. They accept all puppies into their program, regardless of abuse, injuries or medical needs, or breed.These snuggles also make great receiving blankets for newborns! Knit in worsted weight yarn on larger needles, they knit up quickly and easily. A great stash busting project!

Oliver’s Blanket

Snoop’s Snuggle

The Snuggles Project is a very good project for kids and people learning how to crochet, knit or quilt because the Snuggles don’t have to be perfect. The animals love them any way they can get them. All that is required is that they be made with love. Check with your local shelter to see if they participate in the Snuggles Project. Most shelters also accept donations or towels in the name of the Snuggles Project.

Go hug your pets! And dive into that stash for some Snuggles!

Dear Sock Pal…

July 1st, 2007

Don’t worry – I didn’t forget about you. Yes, I’ve been on a sock kick, but all those socks I churned out have led to a better sock for you! Way back in May (is it 2 months already?) I found the perfect yarn:



Now I have the perfect pattern: one of my own.


This colorway is knitting up so beautifully. And the yarn is so soft. And squishy. Amazing actually.

Here’s a closeup of the pattern. Perfect for summer socks!


No worries, sock pal. This journey is well underway, and the end is in sight. Your socks will see fireworks this weekend, parades, cookouts, and birthday celebrations.

Have a great Independence Day, be safe, and know your socks are coming right along!