Can you guess what this post is about?

July 31st, 2008

Socks. Hasn’t gotten old for me yet – you’ll just have to put up with my sock ramblings for a while longer :).


I finished my 4th pair of socks for SOS



These socks are the last installment in Knitting Central’s Sock Club.


Pattern: Catch a Wave by Pam Grushkin
Yarn: Alchemy’s Temple
Needles: Size 3 & 4 Addi’s
began: July 27
finished: July 30


Such a quick knit – sport weight socks are the best! I love this pattern – it’s easy to memorize and shows off this gorgeous yarn – Alchemy’s Temple – it’s a new superwash – so soft and yummy. The pattern features a picot edge with ribbing inside and a short row heel. I will definitely make these socks again.



The actual color of the yarn is somewhere in between these close up photos and the one above. I love how the color spirals and almost stripes around the sock.



In other sock news, the green Spring Thaw socks are in time out – even thought I got gauge, the sock is huge. I think I’m going to frog it and use the yarn for another pattern. The Big Basin Socks in the Sockina have been frogged. Again, the sock was way to big. Teaches me to short cut Cat Bordhi’s new techniques. Her book is amazing but you have to flip back and forth all over the book to knit a sock. When I found the Big Basin Sock pattern, all the numbers were in one place, all nice and neat, all figured out for you. Problem is, the sock is way too big for me. Next time, I’ll just do the math and figure everything out for myself.


I’m also working on a new sock design – should be published by the weekend. Here’s a little teaser:



Happy Sock Knitting!


Another pair down.

July 13th, 2008



Rainy Day socks done!


Pattern: Rainy Day Socks


Yarn: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino
began: 6/21/08
finished: 7/12/08


christmas gifts finished to date: 2


Great pattern – great yarn – a wonderful combination for sock knitting.


My other socks are coming along nicely –


Big Basin Socks in Sockina




Look at that stitch definition!


Spring Thaw Socks in Shibui Sock



The leaves are starting to spiral around the foot and leg. A little slow going with the K1, P1 rib and adding the leaves – sometimes you’re working 3 leaves at once, all on different rows, but it’s totally worth it.


Happy Sunday Sock Knitting!



Socks, socks, and more socks

July 6th, 2008

Well, the summer of socks continues.


SOS #2: Rainy Day Sock progress – moving along nicely



SOS #4: Big Basin Socks from the Six Sock Knitalong, Sockina Cotton, Size 1 Addi’s



SOS #5: Spring Thaw Socks, Shibui Sock, Size 2 Addi’s



Yes, I finished the third pair started before the second pair started. I’m fickle, what can I say?


Off to knit more socks.


Hope you had a wonderful 4th. This is what I woke up to this morning:



I made sure this little one wandered back into the woods instead of the street just beyond the trees there. Don’t know what I would have done if he wandered toward the street. Guess if you see a crazy knitter running through the street at 6 am chasing a deer, you’ll know it’s me. Wave and say hi!


Second Pair Finished!

July 2nd, 2008

I finished another pair of socks – and I finished my first Christmas present to boot!



Pattern: Simple Pleasure by Terry L. Ross


Yarn: Koigu (what else?)


Needles: Size 2 Addi’s


Started: 6/26/08


Finished: 7/1/08



Look at that stitch definition! This pattern is perfect for showing off all the colors of this Koigu. I made shorter cuffs (3.5″) as the recipient likes shorter cuffs.


Now off to finish the Rainy Day Socks and cast on for another pair – another Christmas present.


Should have thought of this last year – everyone is getting socks this Christmas!