Knitting Central Sock Club Socks!

October 20th, 2007

Last month I mentioned the Knitting Central Sock Club. It has begun, so I can share my design. The pattern is exclusive to Knitting Central for 3 months, so I’ll have it available in January for purchase. Introducing: Cables, Cables Everywhere!


I was so excited when Cynthia brought up the idea of a sock club with the staff designing the socks with their favorite hand-dyed sock yarns. Koigu is my absolute favorite sock yarn – soft and squishy, with great stitch definition, and gorgeous colors. Thinking fall was right around the corner, I wanted a sock with warmth and style. Cables always remind me of pulling on a favorite sweater and raking and jumping in piles of leaves in the fall; growing up in Connecticut gave me plenty of opportunities for that. I also wanted a ribbed style that would hug the foot in comfort and warmth. Koigu is dyed in many beautiful colorways, each skein a work of art in itself. I wanted cables, but not so many as to get lost in the colors. I chose an alternating pattern with only a few cable twists set between ribs.

When knitting the sock, the cables don’t look like much. But once on the foot, the cables bloom and enhance the color changes. I have found my perfect sock for fall!


The sample was knit in Koigu color P105. I did start another pair in Koigu color P612:


These are the perfect colors for a pair of fall socks – not that you can tell it’s fall here – we had thunderstorms and highs in the 70’s yesterday. The leaves should reach peak in a few weeks, and we’re still wearing short sleeves – ok, say it with me – global warming.

Check out Knitting Central’s blog for photos of the club member’s socks in progress –

Christmas Knitting has commenced, more on that next time.

Happy Sock Knitting!

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  1. Heather on October 27, 2007 2:10 pm

    Congrats on a fantastic pattern! That Koigu is so perfect for it, I’m actually making pair of socks in that first color way as well!

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