More lace…

February 19th, 2007

Well, my knitting ADD has kicked in again, I started something new: The point about cuffs from Lace Style. I’m using Kid Silk Haze in Chocolate Brown and size 3 needles. I brought the needle size down because I didn’t want such a wide cuff. I love working with Kid Silk Haze, regardless of what other knitters think. Yes it is a bear to rip back, but doable (I speak from experience). The softness and lovely halo make just the right fabric for these little cuffs. One down, one more to go.



And check out my new Maya bag from Lantern Moon in the top pic. It’s the perfect size for a small knitting project, and oh so pretty!

As for my other projects, the rectangle shawl from Victorian Lace Today looks the same – 4.5 repeats down, 25.5 to go. Not bored yet. The Tofutsies fancy ribbed socks are a little longer. Almost on the verge of being bored, but I’ll hit the heel soon, and that will fix that.

And I’m taking more pictures of my older FOs, so check the completed links every now and again for more FOs!

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